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Entrance doors must meet high requirements for long-term functionality, quality, great thermal insulating properties and a grand appearance. Therefore, for our customers, we have prepared a great variety to choose from as entrance doors make a first impression.

Plastic doors SULKO
Plastic doors made of high resistant plastic profiles satisty high requirements in terms of adequate safety levels and at the same time have a great range of colour shades, types as well as shapes to consider. Besides their unbeatable thermal insulating and construction elements, they also offer easy service together with repair.
Aluminium doors SULKO
They present highly economical profile used mainly for commercial constructions. Door sills can be added for insulated family homes as following: ClassicA1+ Entrance doors SULKO come with low, automatic threshold or threshold with small brushes to allow barrier-free access.
Wooden doors by SULKO
We can offer design and breakdown of wooden entrance doors according to customer requirements. Modern wooden entrance doors have excellent properties: stability, strength and low thermal expansion. We use high quality wood, special glazing systems and quality finish and fittings.



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