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Plastic doors by SULKO

Entrance, patio, sliding as well as folding doors by SULKO are manufactured from high resistant plastic elements in order to ensure accepted safety standards. In addition, they can be completed with all kinds of details concerning colour shades, types and shapes.

Contemporary plastic doors are characterised by unbeatable thermal insulation and construction properties. They also offer easy maintenance, flexibility plus affordable professional service and repair. One of great advantages in relation to creativity and a modern look is the possibility of manufacture of doors of oversized dimensions. What´s more, the costs of maintanance of plastic doors is much lower in comparison with the use of other materials.

Quality plastic profiles have a long service-life as opposed to classic-door types.

Plastic doors
Profi Line

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  • Top 6-chamber profile
  • Highly energy- sustainable without steel reinforcement.
  • Anti-burglary system up to WK3
  • Suitable for both passive and energy- sustainable houses
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Plastic doors
Classic Line

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  • 5-chamber system with construction depth of 70 mm
  • Unigue safety system with safety locks
  • Massive energy savings
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